Friday, September 28, 2007

Tin Hau is All Fired Up

I 'm starting this blog because I'm frustrated setting up my new website, its tedious and taking forever and I need to have achieved something small by the end of today that is computer related!

This last couple of weeks I've been in the studio a lot. The garden has been neglected apart from my picking endless apples, cucumbers, tomatoes and courgettes. My new Kitchen God series has opened a floodgate of ideas and I can't stop creating. I'm currently working on a new group of Altar Women and pieces for the Celebration of Crafts Women Show that I'll be participating in later on this fall.
Tin Hau ( Matzu) , the goddess of the Sea, is off traveling again this time to a show sponsored by the City of Santa Clara and the Triton Museum called "All Fired Up". The opening reception will be on Oct 28Th at 3pm at 1500 Warburton Avenue in Santa Clara, the exhibition is open until late February 2008. Tin Hau was one of the pieces I made in reaction to the Tsunami.

Two other pieces from my Kitchen God series are also on the road currently in a show called "Immigration - Merging Cultures" which is at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts until October 21st. You can view the show at

H29” x W 15” x D 13”

This piece was inspired by my favorite Buddha Head sculpture that sat on my fathers desk in his office and then later in our home in Hong Kong. It originally came from Ayuthaya. A place I visited as a small child with my mother when traveling back to England on the P&O Line from Hong Kong.
This Buddha Head carries a silver and gold leafed bowl, as a child I loved to take the gold leaf in the temple and rub it onto the various Buddha enhancing their beauty. Hanging from the long “ Lucky” ear lobes are a bound pig and goat. Reminding us of the cycle of life’s Karma. It is also a perspective on today’s food industry, and our general treatment of other living creatures.