Thursday, March 6, 2008

"THREE COLORFUL FRIENDS" ----- Ceramic Sculpture & Painting

An exhibition of Ceramic sculpture and painting
MARCH 5th -June 8th 2008
Redwood Foyer , Marin Veterans Memorial Building, San Rafael, California

Well its up and its beautiful. After all is said and done "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and I'm the lucky beholder for now. Last month I was offered a venue to host a show after 3 artists cancelled last minute so "Three Colorful Friends" was miraculously pulled together. Patti was in India at the time so for 2 weeks I waited hoping she'd accept the offer on her return, luckily she did, then we needed a third someone whose work would fit with Meat and Ceramic Bikinis! not easy, but great minds think alike and Ellis was that thought. Everyone of us found available work for a 3 month exhibition. prepared it for hanging and did all the other things you need to do before an exhibition, and best of all we were all there on the day, on time ready to go.

Wendy & I hung the show Tuesday all day, it was a blast color matching bikinis to chuck roasts, T bone steaks and naked chickens. We had Ellis's artist in her painting eying up a big piece of meat.

There are also four sculptures, Mad Cow Disease, Dolly the Cloned Sheep, Liberty, and Clinton's Head on a platter, strategically placed along the wall. Such fun.

We hope some of you will get to visit the show. Ellis sorry we didn't get you in this photo.