Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bikini Lingerie show , Ceramic Bikinis at Chadwicks of London

Chadwick's of London will be hosting my Ceramic Bikinis in their Beautiful Mill Valley Lingerie Store  
for the months of August and September 2011.

There are 11 Ceramic Wall Sculptures and one Figurative Landscape Sculpture in the show.

"Marin to Santa Barbara My Girl Goes" sculpture
     "Flower Power Bikini"

"Pewter Poppers Bikini",  "Buddha Bikini", 
"Protective Pewter Bikini".

"Love Armour Bikini"

"Red Lion Bikin",  "Love Armour"

"Blue Ginko Bikini"

"Botanical Bikini"

"Passionate Purple Bikini", "Dubai Bikini", 
"Tassel Tips Bikini"

"Tassel Tips Bikini"