Thursday, December 27, 2007

Licking Pots & Off to Oxford

Commet our wonderful talking , perching cat has been really sick. But the strangest thing to me being a ceramic sculptor is that her relief is to lick clay pots. After months of vomiting and vet visits and a drastic decline in weight she finally had an ultra sound and was diagnosed with a high grade melignant cancer in her stomach. Off the meds she started to eat again and now licks what ever bisque ware I have around the house. I had to shut her out of the studio because she was licking my new sculptures like crazy.

Her current favorites are an Italian red terra cotta flower pot and a small but expensive highly burnished black pot with two snakes attached by Fabiola E Quezada . She licks the Vipers' heads. For Christmas I bought her another piece of Folk Pottery in the shape of a bird and filled it with wheat grass for her. But she won't lick this one, obviously the wrong trace elements or perhaps it is waxed. She is always cold so for the past 2 weeks she has followed me around sitting or lying on me at every occasion. She is happy off her human meds, and I give her homeopathic tissue salts. Its good to hear her voice again and watch her eat. We will keep her as comfortable as is catly possible. Keeping her sister away from the extra food is another challenge.

Other than Christmas, a sick cat and holiday shows my latest news is that my eldest daughter is off to Oxford for the winter (Hilary) and Spring (Trinity) terms. Now this is it, the real break away. So you can imagine where my brain is currently. This was all rather sudden as spaces only recently became available for the winter quarter (not many want to deal with an English winter). She will be sandwiched between my Dad's and brother's colleges at Corpus Christi.

As this is my last blog of the year have a wonderful 2008.