Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Celebration of Craftswomen Show

One weekend down and one to go. I'm talking about The Celebration of Craftswomen show that is taking place at the Herbs Pavillion in Fort Mason.
I love my new booth set up that Kirsty helped me with, I feel like I'm inside a Chinese Temple all day long. Last weekend was great , a good crowd and wonderful neighbors. We even got to park in the lot. This coming weekend lets hope will be even better. Friday was fantastic as Kirsty and a friend from Portland helped me set up, I needed that as I was feeling some what queasy after a very overindulgent Thanksgiving.
So if you're in town come by this weekend and see me at booth 411 in The Herbst Pavillion.

Other fantastic news is that Kirsty is off to Oxford for the winter term and possibly spring term too. I'll keep you posted.