Thursday, October 9, 2008

Turning 50 selling Ceramic Sculpture! Nuts!


Well this weekend I turn 50. Weird to say the least cos I still feel like a kid apart from the aching neck and shoulders from years of lifting clay and sculpting. So what do I do? I go to another show! The kids are all dancing and that was my alternative, but then I was given the chance to be part of Phillipe & Chad Glashoff Vip Art Show in Fairfield, I decided that would be more fun than being inside a hotel all weekend. So if any of you are around and want to celebrate too, come out to Phillipe's Fairfield Ranch where there will be wacky art, music, food, wine and of course another 50 year old. Don't forget to bring that piece of rusty old metal, thats your admission in, and don't forget your wallet cos that will make you very popular at times like this.

Butterfly Blue Heart ceramic sculpture by Antonia Tuppy Lawson
Butterfly Blue Heart
October 11th - October 12th, 2008
Off HWY 80, Fairfield, north on Suisun Valley Rd for 5 miles,
right on Williams Rd, red gates on left.

Admission: One piece of rusty metal


Peter Holland said...

Let me assure you there's nothing wrong with turning 50 and selling ceramic sculpture! HE HE!

The only difference between you and me is I work very small, so my back and shoulders are fine, thanks very much!!

Ericka Clark Shaw said...

Happy Birthday Tuppy! Selling ceramic sculpture at 50 beats selling cars at 23. Have a great show.