Sunday, May 24, 2009

Caitlin Graduating Soon Empty Nester Blues

Caitlin graduates in just over 2 weeks and so another one flies the coop. This picture was taken on Mothers day. When we went out to Point Reyes together for a sublime lunch and drive through the countryside.Caitlin at one and a half years old, loved the camera and all the attention. She always knew what she wanted. Don't stay away when you head off to college, we will miss you so much. I have loved your teenage years as much as all the other ages.

My Hot Rod, Hiking & Crocodile Loving Gals

Now see what happens when they fly the coop! They end up strutting their stuff on the stage at Stanford. I am so proud of you both and love you to bits keep calling and coming home where ever that might be.

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makaimama said...

Oh, Tuppy, I feel your pain! One has flown the coop and another has only 3 more years to go...where did childhood go??