Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Antoniaart Ceramic sculptures at Alta Bates Medical Center Berkeley

 Just finished installing  different  pieces from my Landscape series and one Smart Gene Mouse,  into the Alta Bates Medical Center in Berkeley.

Its a beautiful space with 3 hanging walls and pedestals. I'm showing with two other artists Jane Norling, and Kevin Lozaw. They have the walls I have 4 big  covered pedestals.

The show will be up until January 8th 2011
As you enter through the main entrance you make a left turn and the gallery space is right in front of you. Great space!

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Jane Norling said...

Beautiful presentation, Tuppy, your sculptures and this blog. Thank you for including Kevin and me. I love how my paintings appear around your ceramic pieces, through the displays. It IS a nice space, I agree. Pleased to have our work up together. Jane Nielson curated a compatible group.