Monday, October 29, 2007

Bob Rose & The Sandy Besser Collection

Last Friday night I went to the opening of the Sandy Besser Collection at the De Young. It was such fun. After my complimentary G&T in the members VIP room I headed down to the lower level where I bumped into Christa Assad who had a beautiful tea pot in the show and Whitney Smith whose blog inspired me to start one of my own.

When I arrived I looked to see if my friend Bob Rose had picked up his artists name card, but it still sat on the table unclaimed so I figured that he must still be in Koi Samui, Thailand where he currently lives. On entering the show Sandy Besser was welcoming the artists, I turned around momentarily and Bob Rose and his friend Pascal were walking towards me. It was amazing, Bob introduced us to Sandy Besser and then we went around the show. Bob has two pieces in the show. The one being featured in the press release is The Bali Tea Pot. Hap Sakwa the best 3D art photographer I know was also there, he had a beautiful wooden teapot in the show. I also bumped into my old neighbours Ron & Diane and Linda Fitzgibbon another wonderful ceramic artist who will be showing at the Pence Gallery 2008. If you love ceramics or just a good cup of tea you must go and see this show.

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whitney smith said...

Hi Tuppy! Great to see another ceramicist doing the blog thing!