Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Friends art Opening & Hong Kong

For those of you who live near Sausalito, I went last Thursday to an art opening at the Hanson Gallery. My friend Daniel Merriam is showing his incredible water colours and acrylics there, his web site link is in my friends list, but seeing his large paintings up close was a real treat. So make a detour and try to find a parking space cos its worth it.

Other than that I am still working on my web site. Its taking a little longer than expected cos when I think I have my colour scheme and font choices etc all chosen then you can bet your bottom dollar that someone will say something that makes me try an alternative design. I've done 3 already and now I'm just going to finish it before I show it again.
I spent the morning glazing my new altar girls for the upcoming Celebration of Crafts Women Show. I love this Kitchen God series as it is pulling up so many old memories of my amazing childhood growing up in Hong Kong.
I lived in this house "Island House" in Tai Po as a kid, it is now owned by the World Wildlife Fund. My Dad put in the swing and our sulphur crested cockatoo used to sit in that now huge tree. On the left is the garage/boat house. In those days the island causeway (you can see under the high rises) was where all the junks moored and there were no concrete blocks of flats. We would walk along the causeway to get to Tai Po market. The cause way was used for drying fish. . After typhoons we would go down to the beach around the house and find prehistoric axe and arrow heads, washed up sea snakes and huge horseshoe crabs. Since my dad first discovered these ancient tools the island has become an archaeological site.

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