Thursday, October 4, 2007

Boobs, Bags & Boots

Found out today that our proposal for a show at Art Works Down Town Gallery in San Rafael was accepted. "Boobs, Bags and Boots" will feature my wall hung Bikini- Lingerie, Melissa Woodburns ceramic purses and Carol Durhams gut shoes and boots. However you will all have to wait until 2009 for this fun event. 2009 seems so far away right now but then it gives us more time to come up with some wonderful new pieces.
Here's my Arabian Emerald Bikini-Lingerie followed by Burgundy Blossom Bikini-Lingerie. Both are life size, if you're like Twiggy or one of the current super models. But I have been making a few larger sizes too.
Last week I also started on my Cod Piece Collection for all those guys who fancy something totally different. I'll keep you posted as the first ones come hot out the kiln!

Must go as its "Boogie By The Bay" this weekend and I have to make sausage rolls to keep my dancers happy.

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